Time to Rank & File the biggest stories in our world from the past seven days — i.e., the things we would be talking about at the watercooler if we had a watercooler. An item’s RANK reflects a story’s size, while its BUZZ (thumbs up, or down, or both) reflects its nature. Scroll beneath the image for links to the articles referenced within.

1. Radiohead – “Identikit” & “Cut A Hole”
2. Hear The 13 Minute Version Of “DoYaThing”; Gorillaz – “DoYaThing” Video (Feat. James Murphy & Andre 3000
3. SXSW Adds Santigold, T.I., Nas, Norah Jones; Stereogum Presents… Range Life In Austin 2012 Lineup
4. Album Of The Week: School Of Seven Bells Ghostory
5. Download Hodgy Beats Untitled EP; Watch Odd Future’s Loiter Squad Trailer
6. Springsteen Announces Intimate SXSW Show; Watch Springsteen Kick Off Springsteen Week On Fallon
7. Norah Jones – “Happy Pills”
8. Tanlines – “Brothers (Joshua Ryan Remix)”; Tanlines – “All Of Me”
9. Santigold: LMFAO Makes Me Cry; Here’s The Santigold Master Of My Make-Believe Album Cover; Santigold – “Disparate Youth” Video
10. Watch Ted Leo Play A Really Awesome Chris Gethard Show; Titus Andronicus – “Upon Viewing Oregon’s Landscape With The Flood Of Detritus”

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  1. ted leo is one sexy little swine

  2. It’s “Disparate Youth” not “Disparate Kids” as written in the chart… just a heads up!

  3. *Snide comment about Radiohead placed #1 that I would roll my eyes at, but then kind of agree with now*

  4. Andre’s also been getting a ton of face time on the tele with the latest Gillette Fusion commercial.

    Also, I have an unpopular personal confession to make and I’m only saying this because it irks me that this individual gets called “charming” and so on anytime he’s mention: In the eyes of everyone else, Ted Leo is the definition of cool, but about a year ago when I joined Twitter and used to follow him there, he saw fit to embarrass / lecture me on self-righteousness after I sarcastically joked that he tweeted too much (Note: He apparently hates people saying this, but I had no idea as a Twitter newbie.) I literally had a half dozen tweets and various direct messages within minutes yelling at me over something trivial until I responded that he was freaking me out. It wasn’t funny, I’m still not laughing today, I’ve since stopped listening to his music and it was great to see he never even so much apologized for making such a huge assumption which led to a public embarrassment in front of 26,000+ people over an honest mistake of poor choice of words. File this one under: “Where’s the Beef?”

    • He does tweet too much and I end up scrolling past his tweets (along with Neko Case, cool it on the retweets Neko) so I didn’t see your embarrassment. So it’s really only 25,999 people.

    • This sort of thing won’t happen when I start my analog twitter enterprise.

      Basically, you write 140 characters on a slim strip of paper and mail it to me. Everyone does this. Everyone also sends me a list of people they want to follow. I then distribute the slim piece of paper to everyone who has asked to follow you. Through the mail. It’s a great business idea, and it will also dissuade people from writing way too much, because postage is expensive but also the whole process is time consuming.

      Everyone likes getting mail.

      I’ll get to it right after my “LET ME PUT THAT IN A CAN FOR YA” company gets off the ground. If anyone here knows of a cannery up for sale/auction/free, please keep me posted, so I can start putting objects in cans by request for the world (and profit from it) as soon as possible.

    • Also: Michael_, can you provide a link to this twitter exchange, because it sounds pretty saucy.

      • After I tweeted that he was scaring me, he of course deleted all traces of the exchange. I kept all the notifications in my Inbox, though, as a sentimental remind of my first (and hopefully last) Twitter war.

        • CTRL C! Then CTRL V!

          Or just mail it to me. P.O Box 311.

          • Looking back at what I have via the e-mail notifications from the full-on tweet assault (which judging by the time stamp carried out over an absurd hour and a half duration) you don’t get the full picture of how it played out. I don’t quite remember every play-by-play, but here’s a few of the reprimands I was serviced. I should mention he eventually cooled off and reached a truce, but there was no apology on his part (In fact, I offered one of my own because I was at least sorry for saying he tweeted too much and getting on his bad side.) I’ll let it be known that if I’m not shown equal respect and a genuine apology after dicking me over — and I don’t care who you are or what the Hell you do with your life — I will tug and hold onto that grudge.

            tedleo Theodore F. Leo
            @AwkwardSound I can’t do what I want w/my own Twitter feed, but you can moralize to me about it?
            Jun 25, 6:03 PM via Twitter for iPhone

            tedleo Theodore F. Leo
            @AwkwardSound You continue to presume, yourself, & to lecture me about how I should behave, and that strikes ME as egotistical on YOUR part.
            Jun 25, 7:36 PM via Twitter for iPhone

          • Ha! This from a proud internet commenter that sometimes takes things other people type in these little boxes seriously:

            Ted Leo, if you are taking anything anyone ever writes on twitter seriously, or taking offense to it, or generally doing anything in a serious manner with twitter, you are doing it wrong. I mean, christ…even the image of someone typing furiously into twitter is absurd


          • I’m just happy to read that the response to my embarrassing confession has been understanding thus far. Ever since the incident, I’ve carried around this hidden shame that I had upset a punk darling who, as the Buzz Chart would suggest, is on everyone’s good side. It’s the equivalent of being the only person in school not invited to the most popular person’s pool party.

          • There are three (3) things total that writing on twitter is good for

            1) reporting Earthquakes in real time
            2) advertising something
            3) perfecting very short comedy bits.

            AND THAT’S IT. I was going to include 4) humblebragging but that kinda counts as advertising something.

          • My point was, Ted Leo was not doing one of those 3 things. And your complaint, if he was writing too many things which were also not one of those 3 things, was valid.

        • lesson: don’t tell ted what to do.

  5. Saw Radiohead in Tampa last night…wasn’t nearly as good as the setlist we saw from Miami -_-

  6. I love Andre”s work on DoYaThing, but that no new album announcement gave me the bluest of balls

    RIP my hopes and dreams for 2012

  7. Don Henley’s thumb down is missing…

  8. i wish Hot Chip got a thumbs up, seems to be more relevant in my book than Norah Jones. (no disrespect)

  9. Odd Future’s “Rella” video was really great. I had almost given up hope.

  10. Santigold’s new single is ridiculously good. nice call on Mr. Ted Leo too.

  11. My first thought was that Andre 3000 was on here for mustache shaving commercial. That shit’s classy.

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