Clams Casino

Last year — before Stereogum40 member Clams Casino exploded in a major way — he released a remix of a cut from Wichita, Kansas rapper XV’s Zero Heroes mixtape, “Swervin’.” Last night, Clams took to Twitter to post the remix’s instrumental, which I know a lot of people prefer to the rapped-over tracks (though I typically don’t. Thank You Based God!) Download after the jump.

It’s quiet on the Clams Casino front right now, but we can only assume he’s a very in-demand dude, thanks to collabs with the Weeknd, ASAP Rocky and two tracks on a #1 record. Also notable: Lil B was on the cover of WIRE’s February issue.

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  1. Pay special attention to how I deftly avoided using the name “Mac Miller” in the post. If that’s not worth a ‘Thumb’s Up,’ than the whole notion of ‘Thumb’s Up’ as Stereogum currency needs reform.

  2. Oh my goodness that Wire cover is awesome.

    • I bought TWO copies of it, old thompson. Made sense at the time at it makes sense now. Extremely #RARE collectors items.

      • That’s awesome. Sounds like at this point, it’s you who are basically my valentine, Corban. And bonus points to Wire for KFW and B on the same cover.

  3. This would be fresh and new had STEREOGUM not hooked me up with this song on Remixtape Series!

    I miss the hook from this beat. Still, any Clams is good Clams. Mmmm.

  4. Real suave tunes, lemme’ lounge.

  5. I prefer the instrumentals because then you can rap over them yourself! Also agree with the Lil B > Mac Miller sentiments above.

  6. mac miller is stupid

  7. this is awesome

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