Tim Harrington Writes Children's Book

The Observer reports that Les Savy Fav frontman Tim Harrington will release a children’s book this fall, a title based around “This Little Piggy” (and they also point out a drawings section on the website for his one-man “think tank,” Harrington & Selves). It’ll come out on Balzer & Bray, a division of HarperCollins. For those keeping track, Harrington is the latest to venture into this field, but he’s hardly the first.

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  1. For a short time, I worked as a stagehand at a club in Boston. There generally wasn’t much for us to do while the bands were playing, so if we wanted, we could sit at the side of the stage and watch. It was a pretty nice gig–well-paying, considering the amount of actual work that went into it, and it meant seeing lots of shows for free.

    Les Savy Fav played one night, and as I watched, rapt, I noticed that Harrington kept looking over in my direction as they played. I couldn’t tell if I was being crazy or if he was repeatedly making eye contact with me. (Mind you, I didn’t know him personally or anything, so it’s not like he was looking over at me like one would at a friend) After a few minutes of this, he came over to stage left, grabbed my head, and sang/screamed through the next 10 seconds of the song with his face about three inches from mine, shining a mini flashlight in my eyes. I was soaked with his spit and sweat, and he continued his disarmingly intense eye contact all the while.

    At first, I figured it was all for the benefit of the audience. After all, this was a guy who had specifically requested a hardwired mic because he liked the way the cable looked when he hopped off stage and wandered around the venue, leaving a virtual trail behind him. He was no stranger to the theatrical.

    But then I realized that, from where I was sitting, only 10% of the audience at best could see what was going on. I guess he just felt like grabbing me and spitting in my face, and so he did.

    All of this is basically to say that Tim Harrington is the greatest, and if you’ve never seen LSF live, you should get on that.

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