Here We Go Magic - "Make Up Your Mind" Video

Brooklyn indie crew Here We Go Magic snagged Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich to helm their new album A Different Ship, which is quite a coup. In the video for the LP’s first single, the starry-eyed motorik pulse “Make Up Your Mind,” an S&M biker type terrorizes a series of underwear-clad women by using his magical ghost-voodoo powers. It’s creepy and disturbing, and it doesn’t really go anywhere, so maybe this is Here We Go Magic’s Odd Future move. Nat Livingston Johnson and Gregory Mitnick direct. Watch it below.

A Different Ship is out 5/8 on Secretly Canadian.

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  1. Like them or not, “doesn’t really go anywhere” is kind of HWGM’s m.o.

  2. “Great video!” – Rush Limbaugh

  3. I think it’s a metaphor.

  4. It’s a lot more fun to assume he’s giving them all crazy awesome orgasms.

  5. dear above commenters with male-seeming names, thanks for your ambivalent comments about this video. I couldn’t think of anything witty to say about the unpleasant feeling that I got from seeing women in underwear being attacked by a sunglasses man who isn’t even in the same room with them, especially when attached to a song that I would otherwise probably enjoy. Keep it up.

  6. sound that la

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