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The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than The Driver Of The Screw, And Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do. Compared to the full title of her sophomore album, that’s positively restrained! But yeah, let’s all agree to just call this thing The Idler’s Wheel. According to Pitchfork, Epic is hoping to release the album in late June, which cannot come soon enough.

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  1. So I guess she’s not done with the whole long title thing

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  3. I don’t know how I feel about this song title as I think it’s a bit obtuse even by Fiona Apple standards and it would at this point after having done this already for When the Pawn… be nice to see her try out a new song title structure even if just for this one album but then again Fiona is amazing so whatever she wants to do is cool by me as long as we get new music at the very end but then I’m also like, “But still…” and then I’m just like a few minutes, “…Shut up, dude, just go with it” and it doesn’t bother me as much and I go listen to Ceremony.

  4. Fiona Apple truly operates in her own space were titles like this are acceptable. But in interviews I’ve found her always to be very candid and willing to discuss her motivations for making music in an open, human way. As if she’s not focused on maintaining an manufactored aura of artistic brilliance. As far as I’m concerned, she’s batting 1.000 in her albums, each one being different from the last. So I’m down.

  5. Only 23 words!? What a sellout…

  6. Jesus H Christ that is a kickass line.

    • I found the album cover – super literal but they did a great job. I’ll probs buy for the cover alone must have been a really talented artist making it can’t wait to read the credits and see who the artist is he should make some money of it I hope

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    • No title is intrinsically meaningful. Its power comes only because of the association with the music behind it. If 3 Doors Down titled one of their albums “In Rainbows” it wouldn’t become more or less a 3 Doors Down album. And if you’re looking for a reason to criticize Fiona Apple, her writing isn’t the first place I’d suggest.

    • “Four basic premises of writing A NOVEL not an album title, dummy” – Ernest Hemingway

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        • I’m a writer, and I think we can all tell by my picture I’m also a very skilled songwriter. So, given that I satisfy your requirements to have a valid opinion on this topic allow my share mine: You’re wrong.

          • I’m a writer, look at my photo, something about requirements and being musical. I don’t even…

          • You don’t even what? Don’t get all pissy with me, Bob. You’re the one who started placing prerequisites for being able to disagree with you.

            Regardless of whether you like the title or not, the idea that principles of writing a story, long or short, also applies to the naming of a collection of songs is absurd.

          • Why is it absurd? Both are created, ideally to evoke a feeling through words. It is within the same principle of creation albeit a few differences.

            So, basically, what you’re saying is that in music, unlike pieces of literature, it is OK to have excess. That it’s OK for a songwriter to just randomly throw in words? Oh please. That’s just an excuse some “lyricists” would say in order to compensate for the fact that they want to seem deep while actually being lazy.

            Ugh. Hipsters–giving real artists a bad reputation since the 70s.

          • D-lines. (Nice long name by the way), what I’m saying is that a title is not the same as the content. You are placing all these rules on art without any context. You’re essentially saying in your first paragraph that anything created artistically with words needs to compact in order to have worth? A Title is not a song. this argument is so beyond self-serving it is stupid.

        • Writing one thing is different than writing another thing, yes I would say that, and Musicians are not really of the same writing ilk as Ernest Hemingway, so definitely no, I would disagree that that quote applies in any way to Titling an album, or even a book for that matter. Even Ernest Hemingway agrees with me:

          The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber
          For Whom the Bell Tolls
          Across the River and Into the Trees
          The Old Man and the Sea

          Couldn’t he have just called them:

          “Spanish Guys”
          “Duckhunting Colonel”
          “Sea Battle”

    • Since when are there set rules or guidelines to writing and art? WTF….

      • Since writing became art and since laziness disguised as “artistic freedom” became the opposite of art.

        • Actually, I don’t think that ever really happened except within localised movements, some of which had manifestos, and most of which didn’t, or weren’t even really movements. Really, each writer worth reading tend to have his / her own guidelines, rules, methods, etc., but I wouldn’t say that there actually are any guidelines. There’s just good art, and less good art. And some great art.

        • Well let me clarify it for you then. When it comes to Music, Lyrics, Painting, drawing, Photography, etc. there are no rules, there have never been rules, there never will be rules. If there were set rules or guidlines everything would sound the same….and that would suck. We would have no Beatles, Velvet Underground, Pink Floyd, Pixies, Radiohead. So hooray for doing whatever you fucking want :)

    • “I know much more about how to appropriately name a Fiona Apple album than she does” – Foolish Human!

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    • Scalping is a fine and honorable American tradition, and has been ever since the French and Indian War.

      • Im seeing my Fiona Apple show at Lincoln Hall, where i am happy to say no scalpers will be in attendance, because they make it virtually impossible to do so.

  9. Jonathan Espeche  |   Posted on Mar 8th, 2012 +1

    Just go with yourself!

  10. “Let’s just call it ‘The Album You’re About To Hear’” – Lenny

  11. love anything she does so yea

  12. I plan on having the album name memorized on account for how awesome it will be. This was decided after hearing “Every Single Night”. She’s so amazing!!

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