Watch A$AP Rocky's SXSW-Closing Brawl

Several Stereogum staffers made it out to Vice’s fest-closing Vice Killed Texas showcase, a lineup that featured the particularly resplendent Trash Talk followed by ASAP Rocky and Fidlar. Well, Fidlar, as you might have heard, never quite got the chance as ASAP’s set erupted into a throwdown after one beer can too many was launched toward the stage (even though I had had a few drinks at this point I’ll never forget the look on Rocky’s face as he started a sentence with “If one more beer can …” only to be interrupted by the majestic soar of Beer Can X. Rolling Stone has a good picture of the cascading beer). The ASAP Mob, which had to be visibly restrained several times throughout the abbreviated set, then rushed into the crowd and beat up at least one person. Everyone was forced to leave and with that, the week was a wrap. Poor Fidlar. Watch some crowd footage of the brawl below.

(via The Daily Swarm)

Tom also made a good point: Rocky was almost lucky the set ended in this manner because it deflected attention away from that awful sweatshirt.

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  1. The closing riot Vice-related incident has become somewhat of a SXSW calling card, no? Last year, it was Death from Above 1979 and this year, it’s this. I imagine everyone must be agitated by festival’s end, being dehydrated by free beer and constipated from Doritos Locos Tacos all weekend. Oh, the constipation!

  2. I was in the bathroom line when the actual fight broke out, but earlier on, Rocky had to keep telling his crew not to jump on this one guy in the crowd who kept throwing beers. Like, I don’t even know where he was getting all the beers; he just kept throwing them. The guy was right next to me, and when they asked the crowd who was throwing stuff, everyone backed up away from the crowd and pointed at the guy. Then, some other guy came through the crowd, grabbed the beer-thrower in some kind of MMA choke thing, and threw him down on the ground. Then the beer-thrower guy got back up again, and someone else came and threw him back down. It was the weirdest thing; people kept knocking this guy down, and he kept getting back up again. He wasn’t fighting back or anything, but he also wasn’t leaving, even though he had to know that it would just keep happening.

    That was a weird scene, dude. The pit for Trash Talk beforehand had been a hyperviolent and kind of dark one, too. People throwing 60-gallon garbage barrels and shit.

    • I said it in the SXSW photo gallery thread, but I don’t think I could handle a Trash Talk crowd at this stage in my life unless it was in some wussy controlled festival setting like Coachella or some Pitchfork-curated art museum show headlined by whatever avant-pop musician they’re shilling hard. I grew up in the era when Ian MacKaye and Cedric Bixler were yelling at young punks not to move in the crowd or else they’d stop playing. Plus, I’d rather stand on the sidelines anyway and take the music in rather than have a heap of bros dry humping their cold, clammy sweat-soaked skin into your clothes.

      • I actually saw Trash Talk three times during SXSW and moshed the fuck up the first time. This was at the Life Or Death show, where they were sharing a bill with Wavves and a ton of rappers, and there was a generally posi vibe all night, so it’s not like I was worried about getting decapitated. Still a fun pit, and I came out bruised and bleeding a bit. But everyone at the Vice thing was drunker and more aggro. There were free beers, which means there was a lot of beer-throwing, which means there was a wet concrete floor. I wasn’t trying to fuck with that.

      • Fuckin’ pogo already! It’s fun as hell when an entire crowd bounces up and down and rarely, if ever, does anybody get hurt.

    • That dude was probably just drunk as fuck and saw that the people cluttered around him probably wouldn’t let him out. I’ve seen this happen before. In fact, it was in Austin, at FunFunFunFest. Some pretty inebriated woman was ploppin’ herself onto almost everyone in one section of the crowd. They all just kind of start pushing her around, because they couldn’t ignore the deadweight of this woman. And they did this for about 10 minutes. And they all did it at what seemed like a concerted intensity; all of them increasing the force of their pushes at the same times, and kind of taking turns. Meanwhile the lady herself was just scoffing at people and saying, “What the fuck?” and “You don’t know me.” Weird, indeed.

    • I had to give this a thumbs down because of the hyperviolent, 60-gallon barrel throwing pit and the repeated violence done to another concert attendee. I mean, shit, wasn’t there ANYBODY working security who could have shown him the door? Nothing personal, you post just made me kinda sad.

  3. Maaaan, whatever. If you want to have a good time then shut up and play some music. Shouting orders at a drunk crowd will never get you anywhere, ever!

    Honestly, I’m surprised none of these idiots who jump into crowds don’t get the shit beat out of them. I haven’t done anything even remotely violent in nearly two decades, but if some fool jumped off a stage and tried to walk over me to get to somebody else I’d start swinging without a second thought.

  4. A$AP did the same thing at the Mad Decent party earlier that night. They were throwing bottles at the crowd, telling the crowd to go Fvck themselves, not even playing their own songs, and staying on stage almost an hour past their time slot.
    Towards the end of their retarded set, they stopped all together, to try to get some hat that fell in the crowd. They never got it back.
    I hope these talent-less clowns never get invited back to sxsw.

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