Black Keys Almost Apologize To Nickelback

On the last episode of this stirring drama, the Black Key’s called out Nickelback, saying that their music was “watered-down, post-grunge crap, horrendous shit” while generally expressing dismay at the modern establishment of “rock and roll.” But recently, MTV News asked the Black Keys if they were music snobs and Carney immediately starts talking about Nickelback. “I have a lot of friends and not one of them have a Nickelback record,” he says. But then he recants, kind of? “There are much worse bands than Nickelback.” Man, I thought we’d be hard-pressed to find a feud dumber than Azealia Banks vs. Kreayshawn but the prolonged existence of this particular story might just give it the edge. Watch the interview below.

Please make it stop.

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  1. They shouldn’t apologize just because it’s the P-C thing to do. Nickelback sucks and everyone needs to know it.

  2. A unidirectional hatred does not constitute a beef or a feud.

  3. This needs to be fact-checked. There are no worse bands.

  4. I know Nickelback sucks, but at the end of the day Chad Kroeger is still more successful than me. Like Hova say, “Would you rather be underpaid or overrated?”

  5. They almost apologized, just like Skrillex is almost not awful.

  6. This apology might be more insulting than the original Rolling Stone interview. Indifference really is worse than hate.

  7. Well, I mean, it’s not like him to say sorry.

  8. Why? I hate a nickelback but what is the purpose of this other than to give nickelback press that they never would have gotten. Clearly the black keys would hate nickelback – no one is saying, “oh shit, i just shit my pants” except for donny, cuz he did.

    • Because the theme on Stereogum this week is: “Things We Hate (But Why Do We Hate Them So.)”

      I think it was a topic covered at one of the conference / seminars aimed at music sites held last week at SXSW Interactive or something.

  9. Thats how they-who-must-not-be-named feeds itself! with free prees..monsters. Why dont they just fade away and burn?I think Im not worried about their music and touring anyway, probably they wont even reach the borders of my country ever again, last time they invaded portugal they might got scared. Rocks! Rocks! Rocks! rocks!

  10. They’d get way more press if they defended Skrillex!

  11. Just relax folks. Pretty soon Converse will do one of those collabo things with The Black Keys, Nickleback and Jars of Clay- all will be good.

  12. “Man, I thought we’d be hard-pressed to find a feud dumber than Azealia Banks vs. Kreayshawn but the prolonged existence of this particular story might just give it the edge. Watch the interview below.”

    Should read: “This is a really stupid thing to report on, sorry!”

  13. The question is: are these guys as ugly as Nickelback are bad?

  14. “Chad Kroeger is a penis sausage.” — Ryan Adams

  15. I DON’T get the level of vitriolistic hatred aimed at this band. Look we can not like someone and not purchase their music/attend their concerts, but people make a carreer out of hating Nickleback…

    • Absolutely, josh, but I also think that crowd association is an issue with Nickleback. No offense intended toward women (warning: misogynistic comment ahead), but if your girlfriend has a few Nickleback songs on her iTunes, you are going to give her hell about it. But, if guy at work says, “Hey, I really love Nickleback.”, then you begin to realize that he is just one of those kind of guys. There is nothing inherently wrong with his being a guy that likes Nickleback, or with you being a guy that doesn’t. There is just an unspoken contract that forever after you are mortal enemies.

      Oh, and I hate Nickleback, not because I am jealous of their popularity, but because they remind me of who I am every time I visit Target or McDonald’s. They just kind of sum up the irony of being a consumer (but also a prudish asshole) in a nice, shitty package.

  16. If anything, i feel like there’s more reason to hate The Black Keys, career-wise that is.

    I don’t even consider Nickleback a real band really, not in the artistic sense at least. This is the equivalent of shitting on the songs to me. Of course they suck, nobody with taste is arguing with you. But to actually hate them is just stupid, who cares. Is this supposed to make you cool or edgy because you can state the obvious? I mean its not like die hard Nickleback fans are going to be convinced of their lameness and overnight be converted into people with distinction.

    The Black Keys should actually know better though – about writing music that is. I mean their music basically lies on the fringe of commercialized crap, with a demographic that has JUST enough taste to naively believe their view of the music landscape is better than everyone else’s.

    tl;dr fuck The Black Keys faux-hipster bullshit; who cares about Nickleback

  17. Yeah Nickelback sucks, but The Black Keys suck just as bad.

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