Nardwuar Interviews Grimes

Everybody’s favorite Human Serviette had a busy SXSW, taking time to interview A$AP Mob, Danny Brown, Kendrick Lamar and Action Bronson. Just as his hyper-researched, quirky interview series starts to attract bigtime shine, he recently posted his interview with Grimes, who is something of an Internet phenomenon herself. Watch it below.

The Pharrell one is still the best, though.

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  1. Is it sad that I find her lisp endearing?

  2. I feel like Nardwuar has turned Interviews into an art

  3. Grimes wearing a Pictureplane t-shirt makes so much sense it hurts.

    Claire & Travis would make an amazing indie couple.

  4. This serves as an excellent rebuttal to the Deconstructed article (sorry for bringing this up). I don’t see Grimes as a post-human futuristic artistic creation in this interview, she honestly reminded me of a typical 20-something woman. At times lost for words, a little nervous, awkward and most of all; genuine.

    • That article was pretty obviously a comment on her music/musical persona; the above video is just her having a conversation. Her demeanor in the interview is irrelevant to that article.

  5. you can just tell that her shitting on vancouver is just killing nard on the inside

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