Battles - Dross Glop 4

Battles are currently in the midst of releasing a series of remix singles called Dross Glop, in which a pretty varied and well-curated set of artists (Shabazz Palaces, the Field) remix songs from the great New York math-rock trio’s 2011 album Gloss Drop. Soon, they’ll collect all those remixes onto an album. The fourth 12″ in the series is out on 4/21, Record Store Day, and it’s got Gang Gang Dance doing a diffuse, spacey take on “Ice Cream” and Hudson Mohawke giving “Rolls Bayce” a scattered, euphoric remix. Stream both remixes below.

The Gloss Drop remix album is out 4/17 on Warp.

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  1. These are both super dope. Looking forward to the full album.

    But I am wondering: who out there buys these 12″ singles? I bought both of their full-lengths and paid to see them live last year, but even I find the thought of purchasing a bunch of 12″ singles that will eventually end up on another album kinda cray.

    • Hey Lucas! I buy the 12″ singles!

      I think they’re going to combine the remixes into a digital or CD release, but not vinyl. I think the only way to get these remixes on vinyl is with the 12″s.

      That’s at least how Blondes did it last year. Released 6 songs across three 12″s all to just end up putting them all on their self-titled album. But their album is NOT on vinyl.

      Also, for the Battles 12″s — THE COVERS ARE RAD AS FUCK!!! One of the members in Battles does the art for their albums. All Battles vinyls are Glossy (not being punny, they are glossy!) and look REALLY NICE! These 12″s are no different. I bought Gloss Drop 1 & 2 because Field & Shabazz. ALL HAIL SHABAZZ!

      That being said I will not buy 3 & 4. Gang Gang’s remix needed to be twice as long.

      But that Field remix is better than some of the tracks off his last album. And that’s saying A LOT coming from me.

      • Alright, RJ, you did a more than adequate job of explaining yourself. Next time I’m in the record store I’ll pick up the 12″ and give it a second thought.

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