Soundgarden - "Live To Rise"

Today, reunited grunge heroes Soundgarden release their first new studio song since they broke up in 1997. It’s called “Live To Rise,” and it’ll appear on the soundtrack to the new Avengers movie. We already posted a preview of the song, but today we get the whole thing. And it really does pick up about where the band left off, giving us a big, anthemic stomper with a serious riff, a big wailing Chris Cornell chorus, and a blazing Kim Thayil solo. Listen to it below.

The Avengers soundtrack is out 5/1.

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  1. Most under-appreciated Avenger? Spoon Man.

  2. Disappointing.


    • Someone has a real misunderstanding of Soundgarden and much of their fanbase.

      • Not at all. In high school, all the bros who listened to Soundgarden blasted it from their Jeeps while playing ultimate frisbee in the nearby park — shirtless albeit for that optimal golden flesh skin — only to cover it with Dead shirts, hemp collars, cargo shorts and TEVAs. Or at least that’s the suburbia I grew up in…

        • In my downtown big city High School, I was a jock/Frisbee playing (also Hackey Sack) bro/band geek/hippie, so definitely I will confirm that he is correct. Though I owned not a jeep, nor any other motor vehicle. I definitely blasted it through my discman while on my rollerblades though.

          The preceding is accurate I can attest. I have photographic evidence there is literally no way I’m sharing, but rest assured it exists. I also had TEVAs.

      • Come to think of it, I don’t think Soundgarden has a distinct quality to its fan base. I would assume it’s just a widespread range of mainstream alternative music listeners who can easily look like said hippie jocks, long-haired faded heavy metal black-t-shirt wearing guys, dorky guys in regular fit 505 Levi jeans and non-stylish glasses, meatheads in TAPOUT tees, “rock star” bros with faux hawks and designer jeans… You get the (ambigious) picture.

      • YTM (hanna) ND!!!

      • Some of us remember 1988 when those of us who listened to Soundgarden were in college and their name was synonymous with Killdozer, Sonic Youth & Melvins and Option Magazine called Nirvana’s debut LP a clone in the wake of Seattle’s first signee to Sub Pop and SST. Those roots NEVER left that band. It’s not their fault they got caught in the tide of pop culture hysteria and easy niche marketing. The band had been around for years before Pavement and Yo La Tengo fans started (foolishly) dismissing them as “hippie jock bro” rock.

        • Very true…

        • I was 5 years old back then with the extent of my music knowledge being Gloria belting out a cover of Springsteen’s “Thunder Road” on Kids Incorporated. FORGIVE ME, OH HOLY ONE.

        • hear hear. there you go im showing my age.

        • …and this was before Superunknown, when they started catering specifically to that audience. Did they occasionally come back to kick some ass? Yes. But for every “Ty Cobb” there was a “Blow Up the Outside World” or a “Fell on Black Days”, awful mid-tempo modern rawk that set the template for post-grunge.

          I don’t even blame most of the band. Kim Thayil is fucking awesome. Chris Cornell on the other hand…well, I’ll let his post-Soundgarden work speak for itself. Especially Scream. He clearly didn’t give a shit about those early days. The mocking of rock star stereotypes was a veneer he hid behind until he could fully embrace them, which he made every attempt to do.

          • say what you will about the “new” audience ( that came with the success of SU). It does not discount the fact that that album is still regarded amongst us “non jock backward baseball cap wearing fans” as a classic ,no tracks skipped, album.

          • “The mocking of rock star stereotypes was a veneer he hid behind until he could fully embrace them, which he made every attempt to do.”

            That reminds me of the very astute observations Chuck Eddy made about Cheap Trick by the early to mid-1980s.

          • It wasnt so much mocking those Stereotypes as mocking the late 80′s image over music ideals. I dont think I ever heard the band say they didnt want to be “Rockstars”. They signed to A&M and were opening for Queensryche, Faith No More, Metallica and GNR in 1990. I dont know about you but considering the popularity of those bands they were shooting for the top.

          • A lot has changed since then. I mean, DGC put Sonic Youth on tour with Neil Young and Social Distortion in 1990. No one really, I mean, REALLY, knew what was gonna happen.

            And I saw Soundgarden open for Voivod in 1990. And Voivod were on MCA!!! It was a crap shoot and everyone, basically, after the inroads made by The Replacements, Jane’s Addiction, etc. in the late ’80s, wanted to see what might stick, rather then sign another Cinderella or Poison (not like there wasn’t plenty of that still going on through 1992.)

          • I regard people who take shots at Superunknown songs the same way I regard people who do not like chocolate: I do not trust them.

          • Superunknown is overrated. The Beatles influence doesn’t suit them as well as their previous Zep worship. Louder Than Lover and especially Badmotorfinger are much better albums, in my opinion. In fact, I’d say Badmotorfinger is one of the best albums of that entire decade.

            And yeah, the band was focusing more on the stupidity of glam metal, but it’s hard to take “Big Dumb Sex” seriously as a statement when the band then turns around and accepts touring gigs with Skid Row and GNR, two bands that fully embraced the misogyny of late ’80s cock rock.

          • Superunknown is the Masterpiece!

  4. its just ok. but here’s hoping the new album will be weird. i love soundgarden when they go all weird.

  5. The new record is to be produced by Sanford Parker and should sound like an appropriate cross between YOB and Swans.

  6. It sounds like a great visual to the movie.

    I can just SEE the credits rolling while listening.

  7. The “E” in the way “Soundgarden” is drawn on that image makes me think of Sam The Eagle.

  8. This song was awesome when it didn’t exist.

  9. I was expecting something very different….glad this is a Soundtrack song and not the lead single for the new album.

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  11. So much wasted opportunity in the choruses. I can’t help but imagine what the Cornell from the early 90s – or even the Cornell who did Cochise – could have done with the ending of this song. Falls short of what I imagine as Soundgarden. Kim’s guitar work is still excellent, though.

  12. everyone heard it but me haha, FIX THE LINK SGUM!!

  13. Avengers Assemble Soundtrack Track List

    “Live to Rise” – Soundgarden
    “I’m Alive” – Shinedown
    “Dirt and Roses” – Rise Against
    “Even If I Could” – Papa Roach
    “Unbroken” – Black Veil Brides
    “Breath” – Scott Weiland
    “Comeback” – Redlight King
    “Into the Blue” – Bush
    “A New Way to Bleed” (Photek Remix) – Evanescence
    “Count Me Out” – PUSHERJONES
    “Shoot to Thrill” – Theory of a Deadman
    “Wherever I Go” – Buckcherry
    “From Out of Nowhere” – Five Finger Death Punch
    “Shake the Ground” – Cherri Bomb
    “Pistols At Dawn” – Kasabian

    Worst soundtrack of all time?

  14. I actually like this track. I had no expectations to this, so it surprised me well.

  15. This track is not worth . . .but I have major respect for the Soundgarden fans here because A) I was not aware that anyone on earth knew that much about Soundgarden (including the band), and B) that said fans were actually waiting silently on stereogum to unleash their scorn on the trolingl side of the bmill coin.

    Well done, Soundgarden faithful, well done.

  16. “This is what it sounds like…when doves crap.”

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