Aesop Rock - Skelethon

Cryptic cult-rapper Aesop Rock is one of the chief architects of the skronky, disorienting underground rap sound that’s making an unexpected and welcome comeback lately; a guy like Danny Brown definitely picked up a few tricks from him. But Aesop Rock hasn’t released a solo album in five years. That’ll change in July when he releases his new album Skelethon. Below, stream the dizzily tumbling first single “Zero Dark Thirty,” which sounds like vintage Aesop, all inscrutable lyrics and hollowed-out breakbeats.

Skeleton is out 7/10 on Rhymesayers.

Comments (6)
  1. Great shit.

  2. Aes Rock > danny brown

  3. Dope as fuck. Really hoping to see an El-P or Danny Brown collabo on this album.

  4. While I appreciate he needed some time to produce felt and do some collab projects…I am so incredibly happy to have just plain ol’ solo MC Ace Rizzle back in action.

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