Slumberland 20th Anniversary Show @ Bell House, NYC 11/14/09

After waxing nostalgic (complete with MP3s) about about the first-wave Slumberland bands I dug in the ’90s, it only seems healthy to go outside, live in the present a little, and take a look at the intermingling of old/new that took place at the Bell House this weekend at the NYC chapter of the label’s 20th Anniversary celebration: Some well-known new-school Slumberlanders like Crystal Stilts, Frankie Rose and The Outs, and BTW the Pains Of Being Pure At Heart joined upstarts Brown Recluse and Pants Yell! along with senior ambassadors the Ropers, Nord Express, and Lorelei. There was also a surprise three-song set via a modified Henry’s Dress (three Crystal Stilts + Amy Linton), which should have satisfied even DJ Monser Jam. Of course, the NYC-based new-school acts play out regularly, so the real treat was definitely the revitalized Lorelei tearing into “Mostly I Sleep” and “Windmill,” Linton doing her thing with Crystal Stilts, and etc., though in the spirit of discovery, the Pains Of Being played a new song “Say No To Love.” If you missed the show, NYCTaper has Pains’ set (including the newbie, of course) and Jessica Amaya captured the goings on with her camera.