Chief Keef & Riff Raff – “Cuz My Gear” Video

For those keeping tight tabs on everything that could conceivably be described as “Internet rap,” here’s Riff Raff and Chief Keef’s meme-generator of a video for “Cuz My Gear,” enjoy! For the uninitiated, Chief Keef is a teenage Chicago rapper who is a god in his city thanks to Flocka-esque physical bangers like “3Hunna” and Riff Raff is a MTV reality show cast-off with a personality so colorful that a James Franco character in the forthcoming Spring Breakers is based on him. To say that their collaboration “doesn’t disappoint” is playing it rather safe. “Now I’m at the laundromat / Daryl Strawberry.” “Heavyweight, heartburn / Mylanta.” “Camp counselor / Living in the lap of luxe.” And that’s just Riff Raff’s part. Maxwell Albert directs. MP3 is below, too.

MP3 here:
Chief Keef – “Cuz My Gear (Feat. Riff Raff)”

Chief Keef’s solid Back From The Dead mixtape is out now.