John Peel’s Record Collection Goes Online

John Peel, the beloved late BBC DJ and music-discovery agent, had one of those legendarily huge record collections that makes people cry with envy and reconsider their life choices. And now the website the Space is slowly making that entire collection available for perusal as part of an interactive project revolving around Peel’s office. The site features photos and archived Peel shows and stuff like that, but the real selling point is the record collection, cataloged alphabetically, with 100 albums going up this week. This week, you can find the first 100 albums in the A section, and if you click on, say, Low Rent Rendezvous, the 1975 album from R&B trio Ace Spectrum, you’ll find a scan of Peel’s card-catalog entry for the album and a Spotify link to listen to it. This seems like a good way to kill way too many hours. Investigate further here.

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