Mount Eerie Live In Poland

We recently posted the heavy, dark, fragile “In Moonlight” from Mount Eerie’s new, self-described quest for “Black Wooden” music, the Black Wooden Ceiling Opening EP. A few days later it showed up as the opening track on our quest for “BBQ” music, the Memorialized ’08 mix. Today, Elverum on the brain, we spotted a stripped down, clipped live version of “In Moonlight,” along with other footage from Phil’s current tour. He’s been in Poland from the 31st until today. Tomorrow you’ll find him in Belgium and then France, etc. The videos come from 5/31 in Gda?sk and 6/3 in Katowice. Both of those places are in Poland, per the above headline. The space where he performs in Gda?sk seems especially conducive to the atmosphere of your typical Elverum track — all very understated, but all very beautiful.

“In Moonlight”

“I Hold Nothing”

“Voice In Headphones”

This one’s from Katowice.

“Known World”

There are plenty more videos from the current tour floating around — click here to see what I mean. Today, we just kept it in Poland. By the way, you can get Black Wooden Ceiling Opening as a 10″ + CD via Elverum and Southern Distribution.