Stream Garbage Not Your Kind Of People

Before we heard the new Garbage songs “Blood For Poppies” and “Battle In Me,” our T. Cole Rachel spoke with Butch Vig and Shirley Manson about the new Garbage record as part of a Progress Report. Here’s Manson:

A lot of people seem to think these new songs have the same spirit as the first Garbage record. I don’t think it sounds like that record at all. It certainly has an energy to it. The themes are very broad. It’s about facing your own mortality and about feeling, still, like an outsider. I mean, we’re really a bunch of freaks and geeks and have remained that way. We’re not beautiful and young and hip and lovely anymore, not that we ever were. The boys are these nerdy Midwesterners and I come from a tiny little island of scrappy underdogs.

Today, another single, “Automatic Systematic Habit,” is a free download at iTunes and the entire new LP is streaming at Spin. It’s out 5/15 on the band’s own STUNVOLUME label. Tour info here.

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