Liz Phair – “And He Slayed Her” Video

Two years ago, Liz Phair self-released her bizarre and bridge-burning Funstyle album. And now she’s suddenly just now released a video for one of that album’s better song’s, the melodic-as-all-hell “And He Slayed Her.” The track’s title is a mutation of “Andy Slater,” the Capitol exec who kept Phair under contract when she wanted to leave, and the video finds Phair further settling the score. In it, she pilots a beautiful old muscle car through the desert and commits a couple of felonies in ways that I don’t want to spoil. Weirdly, she debuted it through Perez Hilton — but it’s a pretty good video anyway. Watch it below.

(via BlackBook)

Funstyle is out now on Rocket Science. Buy it from eMusic. Or just buy her first three albums, which I’d put up against any three-album run from any artist, ever.

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