Action Bronson Gets Into Instagram Trouble

A couple of days ago, Queens rapper Action Bronson posted a pair of offensive Instagram photos and captions, referring to a transgender woman as “it,” among other gross decisions. It led to him shutting down his Instagram account, and later unleashed a screed of not-quite-apologies on Twitter(which is still happening). The fallout from that, however, is far from over, as the LGBT community looks to Action Bronson for answers.

Some from Bronson:

He also tweeted “HAHAHAHA U PUSSIES ARE SO SENSITIVE” and”If u DONT wanna get pissed on spit on and put on Instagram DONT GET DRUNK TO THE POINT U CANT STAND OR TALK” but those appear to be deleted now. Here’s the original Instagram photo. Some reactions from Harlem rapper Mykki Blanco: