Childish Gambino – “Tell Me” (Feat. Heems)

With the news that creator Dan Harmon is fired from Community, it makes sense for that show’s actors to look for other things to do with their lives. Donald Glover was already pretty active with his nerd-rap alter-ego Childish Gambino, but he’s been getting even busier with it lately, working on a new mixtape that seems to feature just about everyone cool in rap this minute. We’ve already heard the Schoolboy Q collab “Unnecessary,” and now he’s teamed up with Das Racist’s Heems for the second time. (He also showed up on Himanshu’s Nehru Jackets mixtape.) The latest track is called “Tell Me,” and it has Glover and Heems tag-teaming a dusty soul-sampling beat. Listen below.

(via Pigeons & Planes)

No concrete news on a forthcoming mixtape yet, but rumor has it that Glover has also recorded tracks with Kendrick Lamar and Danny Brown.