André 3000 Plays Hendrix, Big Boi Names Album

It’s been years since the two members of OutKast got together to record an album, and a reunion doesn’t seem to be anywhere on the horizon for the moment, but at least they’re both working on things for the moment. The mercurial André 3000, for one, has taken a break from his current gig as beard-trimmer pitchman to play Jimi Hendrix in the forthcoming biopic All Is By My Side. The Hendrix estate isn’t cooperating with the movie, so it won’t include any of his music, but at least the resemblance is there. The film is currently shooting in Ireland, and a few photos from the set have made their way onto the internet. For more, check Rap Radar.

Meanwhile, in decidedly welcome news, André’s partner Big Boi is currently working on the follow-up to his excellent 2010 solo album Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Ballad Of Chico Dusty. Big Boi recently unveiled the new album’s title on Twitter, and it’ll be called Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors. Sure! Whatever! Just release the thing!