Download Blue Sky Black Death & Nacho Picasso Exalted

The first rapper who showed up twice in our Mixtape Of The Week column was Seattle’s Nacho Picasso, who teamed up with the hometown production crew Blue Sky Black Death on For The Glory and Lord Of The Fly. The combination of Nacho’s nasally grimy death-obsessed stoner-talk and BSBD’s headblown synthscapes is a potent one indeed, and so it’s good news for everyone that they’ve gone back to the well again. Today, they came out with their third collaborative full-length. This one is called Exalted, and as you see above, it has some perfectly ridiculous cover art. On first listen, it’s sounding pretty great, and any mixtape with a track called “Surf Nazis Must Die” is obviously worth your time. Stream it or drop $5 for the download at Nacho’s Bandcamp.