Download Some More Clams Casino Instrumentals

A week after he tweeted a link to a new mixtape of instrumentals — a mixtape that earned a Mixtape Of The Week distinction, no less — Clams Casino is at it again, this time tweeting download links to b-sides. They’re collected below and include instrumentals for folks like Squadda B, Lil B and Mac Miller.

Clams Casino – “Always Have A Choice (Havoc)”

Clams Casino – “23 Dollars (Sha Stimuli)”

Clams Casino – “Coldness (Sha Stimuli)”

Clams Casino – “Cold Feet (Mac Miller)”

Clams Casino – “1 Time Remix (Lil B)”

Clams Casino – “Live From Da Hood (Lil B)”

Clams Casino – “Never Understand (Squadda B)”

He’s tweeting these links and we’ll update if there’s more.