WHY? – “Sod In The Seed”

A while back, we caught up with WHY?’s Yoni Wolf for Progress Report. Here’s Yoni on the new material:

STEREOGUM: What can you say about the vibe of it? Does it feel more upbeat than the last record?

YW: Yeah, I guess, probably more upbeat than Eskimo in a way. That record was a bit draggy. Eskimo had some good songs on it. It’s more wordy than Eskimo I would say. I don’t know — it’s more percussion heavy, tighter than Eskimo. What you might like about Eskimo I don’t know. It’s a looser record, you might like that, I don’t know. This one’s not like that, it’s pretty tight. It’s different.

Since then, the group have announced a new EP called Sod In The Seed. It’s out in August. Hear the title track, a bright-sounding, lyrically sharp track that showcases Yoni at the height of his powers, below.

WHY? – “Sod In The Seed”

Sod In The Seed is out 8/13 via Anticon in N. America/City Slang! in Europe.

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