New Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson Video – “Buriedfed”

“Late at night on an empty street, everyone I know walking beside me.” Director Cat Solan doesn’t have ‘em walking, but by the time the highly watch-worthy Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson gets to that lyric in his point perfect, spirit-protest song “Buriedfed” there’s just about everyone he knows at least standing beside him, nurses and hipsters and suits, ohmy. This Williamsburg-cast iteration of Life’s Parade mouths a lyric or two while BTW MBAR smiles his way through the rest, the lights eventually dimming again on all but Miles, who won’t be buried alive, and will also sound great while he’s at it.


Oddly affecting. You should imitate the subtle suggestions and complexity of Miles’s smile while walking around:

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson – “Buriedfed” (MP3)

And take this one too:

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson – “The Debtor” (MP3)

As refresher and as mentioned while talking up Department Of Eagles yesterday, MBAR’s album is basically Grizzly Bear sans Droste: produced by Chris Taylor, with drum work from Chris Bear and supplementals via Dan Rossen. CT did a great job, although I’ve been told Miles’s next album will be produced by a TV On The Radio-er (Kyp Malone, thanks rdr). For now it’s worth digging into Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, which is out on Say Hey.