Watch Jens Lekman Perform “I Know What Love Isn’t”

In a recent Progress Report, Jens Lekman keyed us into what he was going for with his forthcoming I Know What Love Isn’t:

I think that for this record for example I eventually had a lot of ideas of how to strip the songs down and work in a different way and challenge myself. It’s funny, in the few interviews I’ve done so far people have pointed out things that are on the album — like the sax solo and the flutes — all they’re seeing are the things that are there, and all I’m seeing is the things that are not there. Because I was really trying to work with a smaller palette, less colors. And I was really trying to work less with samples in the beginning. There are samples there, but not as many as there were before. So I would start in a different way, with just a melody or a drum beat or something. Whereas in the past I would work more with a sample from the beginning.

The Guardian recently invited Lekman to perform the title track at their studio, and you can watch that — which is worth it for the intro story and song setup alone — below.

(via The Guardian)

I Know What Love Isn’t will be out in September on Secretly Canadian. Read our recent Progress Report with Jens.

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