Stream Blonds The Bad Ones

Next week, BTW Blonds will release their debut record, a release from which we’ve already heard the melodramatic “Run.” Also, we recently took some time to speak with band figurehead Jordy Asher about the record. Via our Progress Report:

STEREOGUM: Did the experience of pulling up roots and moving to a new city somehow bleed into the record?

JORDY: Yes, for sure. The final track on the album, “Locomotion,” was really frantic when we did it on the demo and Cari hated it because it was just the immature way to get that song across. When we got to the studio we wanted to leave it off the album and Nicholas was really insistent about giving that song some time to completely change it. He said to completely rip the spine out of it and see where we could take it. After doing that it ended up becoming one of our favorite songs on the album. The mood of that song would not have existed had we not moved here … so much of that experience really affected the vibe of the record.

You can hear some of that tension on The Bad Ones, which we’re streaming today. Head below to hear it.

The Bad Ones is out 8/7.

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