Watch Dismemberment Plan Debut New Songs In Baltimore

After playing a rapturously received reunion tour last year, spastic D.C. postpunkers the Dismemberment Plan, one of my favorite bands of all time, have only done a few shows. And though they’ve made noises about possibly working on new music if they ever get a chance, they’ve never committed to anything. So nobody really expected much big news from the two shows that the band played over the weekend, in Baltimore and Fredricksburg, Virginia. Well, there was big news after all. For the first time in 11 years, the band debuted new music — eight songs, to be exact. And they sounded awesome.

Indulge me for a second here. The band and Baltimore, my hometown, have always had a rich history together. I first saw them in 1996, at an American Legion Hall show that Ben Valis, my high school friend and one of the subjects of the song “Ellen & Ben,” put together. About a year after that, Ben (who was maybe 16 at the time) opened a DIY all-ages venue called the Small Intestine, and the D-Plan played there constantly. Up until their 2003 breakup, they hit Baltimore every few months, toured heavily with Baltimore scene freak Cex, and seemed OK with the fact that hordes of Baltimore kids would show up and try out choreographed dance moves at their D.C. shows. So I think it’s pretty badass that they chose the city as the place to air out their first new songs in forever. And I think it’s even more badass that these songs sound like prime, undiluted D-Plan. Watch videos of six of the songs below.

(via Consequence Of Sound)

Before you ask, I didn’t go to either of the shows this weekend. Because I’m an idiot. But this certainly augurs well for a new Dismemberment Plan album, which would be the best thing ever.

UPDATE: Travis Morrison posts on Facebook, “No plans for recording as of yet, although certainly those conversations are happening now…”