Beck – “Cities,” “Spiral Staircase,” & “Touch The People”

As previously reported, Beck has contributed three songs to the new Playstation 3 game Sound Shapes. And we’ve already heard a preview of “Cities.” But now, the video game is out, and versions of all three songs are out on the internet. In the gameplay videos below, we can hear the songs and see how the music interacts with the gameplay experience, which looks both pretty fun and absolutely maddening. “Cities” and “Spiral Staircase” find Beck sounding smoothed-out and precise, while “Touch The People” is glitchier and jankier, as if Beck is experimenting in EDM.

Sound Shapes is out now, via Queasy Games. Also, Beck’s new album Song Reader will be out now, but only in sheet music form, which is sort of like releasing a video game as pure binary code.

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