Cold Cave – “A Little Death To Laugh”

Wes Eisold, frontman for the dark, scraping, generally awesome New York new wave band Cold Cave, recently announced a new lineup for the band; it now has former members of Blood Brothers, Samhain, LCD Soundsystem, and AFI. They’re working on a new album now. But on Cold Cave’s latest tracks, the band’s sole member is Eisold; he recorded and produced them entirely by himself. On Cold Cave’s website, they’ve made available a new three-song 7″ single called “A Little Death To Laugh,” and its A-side is a top-shelf gothed-out brooder that would’ve fit in just fine on the band’s great 2011 album Cherish The Light Years. Hear it below.

Buy “A Little Death To Laugh” at Cold Cave’s website, which is taking a while to load.

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