Coachella Offered To Go Vegetarian For Smiths Reunion

Morrissey is pretty well-known as a quote machine at this stage in his career, so it probably won’t surprise you that an interesting tidbit about a possible Smiths reunion cropped up in an interview Moz did with Australia’s Herald Sun. More:

SUN: At Coachella a few years you complained about the waft of burning flesh from a nearby barbeque. Has that been a problem since at outdoor shows?

MORRISSEY: Not at all, and interestingly the agents for Coachella offered a 100% vegetarian event for the following year if I would agree to headline with Johnny Marr as the Smiths. Fascinatingly they made it clear that they would “not require” the Smiths’ bass player or drummer … which I thought certainly said something.


SUN: As an animal lover, do you have a favourite Australian animal?

Head to the Herald Sun website to read the rest of the interview. Unfortunately, Moz wasn’t going after anyone specific w/r/t to the Coachella quote; if he had, we would have had the most literal edition of Where’s The Beef? ever on our hands.

UPDATE: Here we go … rumors are swirling again that the Smiths will reunite next year for Glastonbury 2013 and other dates. Johnny Marr’s manager denies it.