Peter Buck’s Solo LP Out Today

Way back in March, we reported that the former R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck was working on a new solo album, and in a post on the R.E.M. website, Buck announced that the thing would be out today. He started working on it after an injury prevented him from playing guitar for a few months, and he commenced writing lyrics instead. The untitled album includes a whole mess of prominent guests: R.E.M. bandmates Mike Mills and Bill Berry (no Stipe), Corin Tucker, the Decemberists’ Jenny Conley, and the Patti Smith Group’s Lenny Kaye. Former Young Fresh Fellows frontman Scott McCaughey, the Spliff Star to Buck’s Busta Rhymes, sings a few songs. And Mississippi Records is releasing it on vinyl only, limiting it to 2000 copies. Good luck getting ahold of one!

And don’t count on catching Buck on tour: “As for the future I may do some performances, but this is not a career, it is something I am doing for fun.”