Chromatics – “Looking For Love” Video

Over the weekend, Italians Do It Better announced the forthcoming release of After Dark II, a compilation featuring new music from the likes of Glass Candy, Desire, Chromatics and more. An edit of a Chromatics contribution called “Looking For Love” also surfaced, a gurgling, pristine piece of production which you can hear below along with an accompanying video directed by Alberto Rossini.

01 Glass Candy – “Warm in the Winter”
02 Mirage – “Let’s Kiss”
03 Desire – “The Nightshift”
04 Appaloosa – “Fill the Blanks”
05 Glass Candy – “Pain Relief Is Fun”
06 Chromatics – “House of Models”
07 Symmetry – “Heart of Darkness”
08 Twisted Wires – “Half Lives”
09 Glass Candy – “The Possessed”
10 Desire – “Tears From Heaven”
11 Chromatics – “Johanna”
12 Farah – “Into Eternity”
13 Mirage – “Lucifer”
14 Glass Candy – “Soft Celebration”
15 Chromatics – “Looking for Love”
16 Glass Candy – “The Price”

After Dark II is out soon.