Stream Skrillex Leaving EP

You guys already know how I feel about Skrillex, the current poster boy for dance music that’s cave-in-your-chest physical rather than let-it-linger cerebral. He gets no shortage of hate from the assembled comments sections of the world for his ferocious and defiant lack of subtlety. So it may interest you to know that Skrillex just dropped a new three-song EP called Leaving and that, except for the last song, it’s all very restrained and prettified. Closing track “Scary Bolly Dub” is a reworking of his own “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites,” and it’s been part of his DJ sets for a while, so no surprise that it’s as harsh and mechanical as much of his other stuff. But opening track “The Reason” damn near sounds like Burial, as a gang of other critics have already pointed out on Twitter. Listen to all three tracks below, and then just maybe let the YouTube playlist run.

Leaving is out now through Skrillex’s subscription service the Nest.

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