Stream Jamie Lidell Jamie Lidell

Stream Jamie Lidell Jamie Lidell

Last November, we featured Jamie Lidell’s single, “What A Shame,” in anticipation of his self-titled release, which is ready to drop next week. The album showcases a variety of influences: Disco-inspired synth lines complement Lidell’s soulful voice on tracks like “You Know My Name,” while the single, “You Naked,” boasts a darker house intro before the cascading electro-funk vocals take over. Above all, Jamie Lidell is unapologetically danceable. It’s streaming now over at the New Myspace (it’s officially called “the New Myspace”), the only catch is you have to log in to hear it, and create an account if you haven’t set one up already. And no, you can’t access it with your Old Myspace login.

Jamie Lidell is out 2/19 via Warp Records.

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