R.I.P. Tim Dog

Billboard reports that the legendarily hardass Bronx rapper Tim Dog has died after a seizure that came from a long battle with diabetes. He was 46.

Tim Dog, born Timothy Blair, had connections to various ’80s Bronx rap crews like Ultramagnetic MCs and Boogie Down Productions, but he didn’t make his real impact on rap until his 1991 single “Fuck Compton,” which targeted N.W.A in particular and the rising tide of West Coast gangsta rappers in particular. The song provoked furious reactions from pretty much the entire California rap scene and, in a low-key way, started the East Coast/West Cost feud that turned out to be rap’s dominant storyline in the ’90s.

“Fuck Compton” looms large over Tim Dog’s legacy, but his 1991 debut album Penicillin On Wax is an absolute classic of coldblooded hardhead rap. Over a series of state-of-the-art early-’90s hard-funk beats, he declaimed all sorts of proud thuggery in an authoritative, booming voice. He spent plenty of time attacking Compton rap, but he also went after the pop-rap of his day and generally came across as a man willing to accept zero perceived bullshit.

Tim Dog went onto release a few more albums and form a short-lived mid-’90s duo with Kool Keith. And two years ago, he pleaded guilty to grand larceny after defrauding some lady for tens of thousands in a credit-card scam; the story somehow ended up on Dateline.

Below, check out a few of his videos.

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