Watch Billy Corgan & Pro Wrestlers In A Furniture Commercial

A year and a half ago, Smashing Pumpkins frontman and lifelong wrestling fan Billy Corgan launched his very own indie pro wrestling promotion, Resistance Pro. (There’s also been talk of a Resistance Pro reality show.) And now, Corgan has taken the logical next step to promote his company: Appearing in a goofy local-TV commercial for a Chicago furniture store, one that also includes the wrestlers in his employ beating down a pair of small-time furniture barons. A few things about this: As local-TV commercials go, this is a pretty great one. I don’t recognize any of the wrestlers in it, which makes me question my own indie-wrestling-fan bona fides. And Corgan commits to this thing completely, putting as much energy into his screen presence as he did in, say, the “Tonight Tonight” video. Watch it below.

(via Chicagoist)

The next Resistance Pro show goes down at a VFW Hall in Lockport, IL this Sunday afternoon. If I still lived in Chicago, I would totally go.