Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

This week we announced the lineup to Range Life 2013, our annual event during SXSW. If you’ll be at the fest, please join us for free Taco Bell. If you’ll be stuck in a cubicle somewhere, Morrissey will probably have some beef for you. In addition to Moz, we had plenty to write about since the last Shut Up, Dude. We launched two new columns: Backtrack and The Black Market. We ranked the weirdest U2 crafts, the best Rilo Kiley songs, and the Rolling Stones’ discography. We deconstructed 20 years of Thom Yorke and 10 years of the Postal Service. We chatted with Kurt Vile and DJed with the Ruby Suns. Our Album Of The Week went to Autre Ne Veut and our Monthly Mix went to Spotify. Yeah Yeah Yeahs spread the gospel and David Bowie streamed his comeback. Check out the best and worst responses to all of this below.



Jim Rountree | Feb 26th Score:20

maybe i’ll get flamed for this, maybe not. at this point i’m not really caring. in rainbows is my favorite radiohead album. once all the hype from their distribution fell down, we were left with their most top to bottom incredible album since kid a. it’s my go to when i want to listen to them. for a band that had nothing left to surprise with, making an album like that was more shocking. they’ll always throw a left hook when you least expect them to.

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Wesley Morgan Paraham | Feb 28th Score:21

The next Morrissey story I see better be “Stereogum Editors Vow to Never Mention Morrissey Again Unless He Actually Does Something of Merit” or I’m just done with this place. But hey, gotta sell them adspaces.

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David Shefchik | Feb 25th Score:25

Jesus forgives you

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Andrew Burr | Feb 28th Score:26

I’m going to kill so many animals if Morrisey keeps up his shit.

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#6 Michael_ | Feb 27th Score:26

Stereogum: We Got a Column for Everything.

The site could probably use a redesign soon to organize all of these new features sprouting up on a daily basis in a way where they don’t get lost amongst themselves, or possibly a table of contents. There’s an online magazine on here somewhere — Your design team just needs to piece it together.

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Nathan Christensen | Feb 27th Score:31

Also, exploiting Sandy Hook in his hissy fit to make him look like he has the moral high ground is 10x more offensive than anything Jimmy Kimmel said.

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Albert Abonado | Feb 27th Score:35

This is a pretty intellectually dishonest response. Making fun of depression? Obesity? Dragging Sandy Hook in to make a point? That’s pretty gross, Morrissey.

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Ben Cornell | Feb 22nd Score:37
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#2 crania americana | Feb 24th Score:56

“Kanye West doesn’t care about business people.” – George W. Bush.

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Simon Chapman | Feb 28th Score:72

Watch out, Stereogum, you’ll soon incur the wrath of Morrissey for consistently including him in a feature with the word “Beef” in the title.

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#5 chad_onfire | Feb 26th Score:-16

Radio head ruined music. Everything sounds the same.

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#4 rubberjohnny0829 | Feb 22nd Score:-16

so slutty getting naked in like all her vids. hard to get off to her too cuz shes not that hot lol

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#3 filthydubber | Feb 28th Score:-18

Someone needs to buy a few hamburgers and shove them down this faggot’s mouth. That should shut him up.

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#2 chresus jist | Feb 22nd Score:-18

[nude pic removed]

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#1 porky panderson | Feb 22nd Score:-27

I have to tell you Tom. You are an annoying writer. You drop f bombs and use hipster terminology like “solid” and “shitty” and all the other annoying hipster blog buzz words like no other. It’s incredibly annoying. That’s all I wanted to say. Read Robert Christgau and lay off the “Cool”-aid for a while. And repent for your “In Defense of Mumford and Sons” heresy.

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Spikelee3000 | Feb 28th Score:3

In the words of Sparks, “Lighten Up, Morrissey.”

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