Chance The Rapper – “Good Ass Intro” Video (Feat. BJ The Chicago Kid)

The young, frantically expressive Chicago MC Chance The Rapper seems poised to walk away with 2013 in his pocket. His “Juice” video grabbed the attention of those of us, like me, who slept on last year’s 10 Day mixtape, he handily stole “Wendy N Becky” away from Joey Bada$$, and his forthcoming Acid Rap mixtape is starting to hear like an honest-to-god event. And now we’ve got the video for the tape’s “Good Ass Intro,” a beguiling bit of contemplative ADD-rap, with contributions from the great young R&B singer BJ The Chicago Kid. (John Legend also sings backup, interestingly.) The video, directed by OJ Hays and Andrew Straw, melts the downtown landmarks of Chance’s hometown into psychedelic cartoon visions. Watch it below.

Acid Rap is set to arrive 4/30.