Fasano – “Last Evening” & “Nomads”

Fasano is Matthew Fasano, a New York singer-songwriter (and bassist in ARMS) who’s just released The Barn, his cassette-only debut release. The tape has some of Grizzly Bear’s cathedral-sized falsetto uplift to it, but I also hear some of the small, personal classicist weirdness of Roy Orbison in there. My friend Nick Sylvester recorded the album on four-track this past January in the new Silent Barn, the Brooklyn DIY space, and Fasano himself is responsible for all the songs you hear therein — voice, guitar, some minimal drum programming. (And like Sylvester, Fasano was a member of the space-suited chorus who sang backup at the final LCD Soundsystem shows.) Hear “Last Evening” and “Nomads,” two of the songs from The Barn, below.

The Barn is available now from God Mode.

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