Andrew Cedermark – “Canis Major”

The hazy singer-songwriter and former Titus Andronicus guitarist Andrew Cedermark has just announced the impending release of a new album called Home Life, and the first track he’s shared from it is a piece of gorgeously nonchalant indie rock called “Canis Major.” His Titus past notwithstanding, Cedermark cut his teeth in the world of limited-edition cassette-only home-recorded releases, and though Home Life promises to be an honest-to-god album, “Canis Major” brings that same sense of unhurried drift to it. It’s blissful and bummed at the same time, and it nicely captures the hippie sloth of Charlottesville, Virginia, the town where Cedermark recently left after living there the past few years. Listen below.

Home Life is out 7/16 on Underwater Peoples.