Hebronix (Ex-Yuck) – “Unreal”

Just last week, we learned that Yuck, the great young fuzzed-out ’90s-reviving British indie band, had lost frontman Daniel Blumberg, and that the group was recording a sophomore album without him. In their statement, the band mentioned that Blumberg had left to “focus on other things,” and today, we learn what at least one of those other things is. Blumberg has a new solo project called Hebronix, and he’s about to put out an album called Unreal, produced by the former Royal Trux frontman Neil Hagerty, otherwise known as Howling Hex. The album’s title track is a shambling, gorgeous nod-out that pushes Yuck’s style further out into the stratosphere. It’s great, and you can hear it below.

Unreal is out 7/9 on ATP Recordings.