Boards Of Canada Treasure Hunt Gets Really Complicated

As we reported on Monday, a fan who stopped by New York’s Other Music on Record Store day happened across a new 12″ single from the Scottish electronic duo Boards Of Canada, who haven’t released a new album in eight years. The single, apparently one of a kind, included 20 seconds of new music and a few numerical clues about… something. It appears that the single is one of six scattered across the globe, though only four have, as yet, turned up. Those clues, when they all appear, will apparently form a code with some sort of message. And further coded messages have been turning up on the group’s YouTube channel, on radio shows, and on the Twoism messageboard. The duo is either hinting at a new album or predicting the end of the world, and the assembled clues are enough to make your head hurt. Dive all the way into the mystery at the BOC Pages fan site.