Ad-Rock & Mike D Working On Beastie Boys Memoir

The New York Times reports that Mike D and Ad-Rock, the two surviving members of the Beastie Boys, are getting to work on a new book about the group’s history. They’ve signed a deal with publishers Spiegel & Grau, the Random House subsidiary that published Jay-Z’s Decoded, and they’re planning to publish in fall 2015. On the book, the two Beasties are working with Sacha Jenkins, the rap writer who spearheaded the staff at the great ’90s zine ego trip. If you need help writing your rap memoir, he’s the guy to work with.

The Times claims that the book will be “loosely structured as an oral history,” and Spin proved, years ago, that a Beastie Boys oral history is a fucking great thing. Also, this is the same group responsible for Grand Royal, ego trip’s contemporary in great-’90s-zinedom. So yeah, this thing should be amazing.

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