Boards Of Canada’s Record Store Day 12″ Is On eBay For A Lot Of Money

Boards Of Canada announced the impending release of their new album Tomorrow’s Harvest yesterday, thus ending the goofy online scavenger hunt of clues that started with a mysterious Record Store Day 12″ nine days earlier. The 12″ was nobody’s idea of a musical masterpiece; all it has was 20 seconds of music and some since-decoded numbers. But it’s the only one of its kind in the world. And apparently, some people are so enamored of the nine-day period when they didn’t know what was up with the new Boards Of Canada album that they’re willing to pay top dollar for the artifact that started it all off. The young fan who bought that initial 12″ and posted its details online is selling the single on eBay, and bidding is, as I’m writing this, up to $1,825, which is significantly more than my monthly rent and probably yours, too. The auction still has six days left to go, too, so that number will assuredly go up. Check out the auction here, and, if you have way too much money, bid.