Team Spirit – “MRDR It’s Ok” Video

The last time Team Spirit, the new party-riff band led by former Passion Pit member Ayad Al Adhamy, released a video, it was for “Jesus, He’s Alright.” It was a live-action thing about drunken debauchery in a church, but it ended with the members of the band becoming animated characters and being sent into hell’s deepest depths. Their latest video, for “MRDR It’s Ok,” starts out where that one left off, with Satan forcibly conscripting the band into duty as his wedding band before the band’s members take matters into their own hands. The vision of hell, from the Swedish animation duo HannesJohannes, is a vivid, cartoonishly gruesome, vaguely NSFW thing. Whatever happens in the rest of Team Spirit’s career, they can tell their grandkids that their animated avatars used guitars to decapitate demons. Watch it below.

Team Spirit’s self-titled debut is out now on VICE/Warner Bros.