Watch The Breeders Reunite With Tanya Donelly In Boston

When the Breeders started, they were a side project for two great college-rock supporting players: Pixies’ Kim Deal and Throwing Muses’ Tanya Donelly. Donelly was out of the picture, ascending to alt-pop stardom with her own band Belly, by the time the Breeders got around to releasing their classic 1993 sophomore album Last Splash; Kim’s twin sister Kelley replaced her. But last night in Boston, as the reunited Breeders came to the Royale to play Last Splash in full, Donelly rejoined the band, helping out on the Last Splash song “Do You Love Me Now?” and the cover of the Beatles’ “Happiness Is A Warm Gun” that appeared on the Breeders’ 1990 debut Pod. As you can see in the “Happiness Is A Warm Gun” video below, the band hadn’t exactly figured the song out before going onstage, but everyone just looks so goddam happy that it’s awesome. Watch the fan-made clip by moreinthemonitor below.

Belly’s Star turned 20 in January, and I totally forgot to write an Anniversary post on it; sorry, guys. “Feed The Tree” is still the jam.