The Daft Punk Helmet Market

If you’ve got a gift for metalworking and/or LED-light programming, you may be missing your calling; you could be raking in a ton of money by helping people realizing their dreams of transforming into Daft Punk robots. A new Wall Street Journal article explores the secondary market of artisans who are making facsimiles of Daft Punk’s robot helmets. According to the piece, there’s now a small but dedicated circle of fans willing to drop four figures on eBay for the privilege of looking like the two members of Daft Punk. From the article, it’s pretty clear that Daft Punk are leaving a ton of money on the table by not selling their own versions of those helmets. The entire piece is pretty fascinating, and you can read it here, though the above WSJ dot-drawing of Thomas Bangalter is clearly the best thing about it.

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