Download Killer Mike & El-P Run The Jewels

Well, this has been an exciting couple of minutes! At pretty much the exact same moment that the Supreme Court was declaring the Defense Of Marriage Act unconstitutional, paving the way for federally-recognized gay marriage, super-intense headknock rap buddies El-P and Killer Mike released their feverishly anticipated free collaborative Run The Jewels album. I don’t mean to suggest that one thing is anywhere near as momentous as the other, but the cumulative effect of both leaves me pretty goddam excited this morning. El and Mike collaborated on two of last year’s best rap albums, Cancer For Cure and R.A.P. Music, and they’ve got a frantic and ferocious chemistry that brings out the best in both of them. We’ve already posted the Run The Jewels tracks “Get It” and “36″ Chain,” as well as the Big Boi collab “Banana Clipper,” and now the whole thing is up for download. Use the widget below to grab it, via Fool’s Gold.

Let’s all spend the whole rest of the day wilding out, OK?