Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Since there was no Shut Up, Dude during the holiday break, I was going to make last week’s comments eligible for this installment. But then the whole list would be dominated by responses to EW’s 100 Greatest Albums and that’s old news. So before we get to this week’s superlatives, note that last week’s Shut Up, Dude highest rated comment would’ve been Kyle Culbert’s and lowest rated comment would’ve been Jack Strasbury’s. Now that that’s out of the way, here’s the best and worst of what you said about our Beach House songs list, Magna Carta Holy Grail, and concert camera phone etiquette


#10 northpaw | Jul 10th Score:10

I love all of these songs. “Walk in the Park” is probably my favorite, though.

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#9 raptor jesus | Jul 5th Score:10

I like “Oceans” (Basically a Frank Ocean song)
I like “BBC” (Basically a Nas song)
I love “Nickels and Dimes” (Samples one of my favorite Gonjasufi songs incredibly well)

There were others that popped, but what a slog of an album. Some of the tracks it sounds like Jay barely fills the bars with lyrics. This is especially glaring after listening to El-P & Killer Mike drop three songs worth of lyrics into one track.

It definitely sounds like the producers and featured musicians are trying harder than Jay.

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#8 crania americana | Jul 10th Score:11

Two points: 1) indie rock’s never really been a genre. 2) last week’s thing was on T Rex.

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#7 johnnyfuckhead | Jul 8th Score:11

I don’t remember this episode of ReBoot.

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#6 adddo | Jul 5th Score:11

Oh fuck you for down voting my idea. Would you rather the tunnel vision be centered on the vulva, eventually delving into the interior of the birth canal and up into the uterus, where we see fetal Justin Timberlake twanging his umbilical chord to the beat of the song?

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#5 plb102 | Jul 5th Score:11

About a month ago I was wandering around and I came across a garage sale with a bunch of CDs for .50 ea. I actually bought a copy of “Kingdom Come”, which I had never listened to before, and I’ve gotta say I really like it. There has been a good amount written about Jay-Z recently on this site and is seems like there is always a reference to how much “Kingdom Come” sucks. Am I the only person who likes that album?

I’m starting to think I’m much less critical than most when it comes to rap lyrics. I liked that Joey Bada$$ MT which Tom said was pretty cliche filled. And I thought the lyrics in Yeezus that everyone was bitching about were great(cue kidchair rant). Overall I think I just put a lot less thought into why I do or don’t like music than most commenters. Either you got it or you ain’t.

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#4 KiDCHAIR | Jul 10th Score:12

Awesome. I friggin’ love this band! Good list, although I’d love to see “Wild” and “Myth.” (Can’t have them all, I suppose!)

“Silver Soul” was the song that nailed this band to my spirit. A great choice for #1! And a fabulous write up as well. I’m in agreeance that Beach House is one of the best bands of the last decade. It’s still early in the 2010?s, but it would take quite an epic to beat out Bloom for album of this current decade for me. I fell head over heals for that thing. Easily the best album I’ve heard since In Rainbows.

On that note, the video for “Wishes” is one of the greatest videos I’ve ever seen, and I wish I was on those bleechers.

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Eoghan Evangelists | Jul 8th Score:14

reading this on a tablet at a she and him gig.

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Chad D’Entrone | Jul 10th Score:16

You might’ve forgot something

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#1 michael_ | Jul 5th Score:46

Jay-Z really phoned this one in.

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Eric Cunningham | Jul 7th Score:-5

This is one of Jay-Z’s better albums, although I don’t think I could place it in his top 5. Reasonable Doubt, Blueprint, Black Album, Vol. 2, and American Gangster I think had a slight edge. Still a great piece of work though.

If anybody is still looking for a place to download/stream the album here you go:

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#4 cale | Jul 11th Score:-6

The best album since In Rainbows? How many albums have you heard since then? Three? Person Pitch came out around the same time and absolutely dominated it. With that said. Bloom isn’t even in the top 25 best albums of the decade so far right now. Both Ariel Pink albums are much better. That Mediafired album kills it. Oneohtrix Point Never’s Replica is better, Caribou’s Swim is better, The Dreams Love King is better, Destroyers Kaputt is far better, Gang Gang Dance’s Eye Contact, That Grouper record. I could really go on forever.

And also Master Of None is their best album. This band is fine, but not even close to one of the best of the decade. GET A GRIP dude.

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#3 miguelito1 | Jul 5th Score:-6

I thought you were going to try to list artists who you said “actually influence and change the face of culture.” I like most of those that you listed but none of them comes even close to having an effect on culture. Well, Radiohead certainly did with Kid A, and Beck did in the 90’s. But still, even Kanye saying “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” is massively more significant than the entirety of Radiohead’s career (and I LOVE them much more than Kanye.)

Kanye is a ROCK STAR. The only people who are even mentionable in the same ROCK STAR conversation, changing culture and affecting people’s lives, are Lady Gaga, and in a much more minor way, M.I.A.

Lastly, Justin Timberlake? Get out of here with that garbage? Who’s next on your list, Joey Fatone?

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Kevin Broydrick | Jul 10th Score:-8


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#1 makeitpop | Jul 10th Score:-9

Wait a second, these guys haven’t even been around for a full decade. We already have to start giving them career retrospectives?

This just further serves my hunch that indie rock is officially no longer an actual genre and that stereogum mainly serves as a reminder of the glory days (2003-2008?). There’s nothing new to talk about, and now it’s just an endless rehash of everyone’s old favorites. This site is basically just helping build a cannon that can one day be turned into a classic rock playlist for whatever type of radio we’re listening to in 2018.

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muffinman | Jul 8th Score:4

I think that’s kind of bullshit. I think along with anything if you do it with a litte of common sense, common decency, and in moderation it isn’t that bad. I for one don’t post many pictures on facebook and I don’t twitter or instagram, but I enjoy trying to get a few good shots at each show I go to. They don’t always come out that good, but it’s cool when they do and it’s nice that it’s your picture it holds a different quality to it then just finding a pro shot online of the same show even if you aren’t trying to show it off to every half-friend you can reach via web. My girlfriend continuously updates a series of scrapbooks and its nice to half snapshots of fun and memorable moments we’ve shared, concerts happen to fall into that category. The usual routine is the artist comes out, everybody tries to get their initial shots in, there are some lingering cameras for the people who were blocked by the initial cameras and then everybody has plenty of time to “live in the moment”. Most picture takers are done relatively briefly, maybe a few more through the show, but it’s hardily ever a continuous obstruction for the whole show all though there are a million other things that are going to obstruct your view especially at a fun show and especially if your short (obviously) and that’s where you truly got to practice your “live in the moment” ability because it’s not 100% about the view though obviously that’s a very desirable thing at a show.

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