The Bravery VS Duran Duran

I’m loathe to dedicate any more blog to Bravery trash talk, but this is getting super ridiculous.

Arjan recently asked the Bravery’s Sam Endicott about his band’s reputation as copycats.

SAM ENDICOTT: No artist likes to be compared to others. You always think you’re special and unique and all that bullshit. But at least they are comparing us to good bands instead of shitty ones. The Duran Duran comparison is my least favorite, because I don’t like that band at all.

Duran Duran’s response? Invite them on tour!

SIMON LE BON: We are absolutely delighted to have The Bravery on board for the St Andrews show along with Daniel Bedingfield. Each act will make a unique musical contribution to the date and we are sure our fans will love the bill.

Whoops. It’s probably safe to say Sam and Simon won’t be sharing eyeliner backstage afterall. Haven’t we learned anything from the Pavement/Pumpkins debacle of ’94?

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